Arizona Rock Band ELEMENT 115

 Phoenix Rock Band - Element 115 - the Neo-Classic Rock Leader

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cameras: Jerry Wills, Johnny Llacuna-Mendez, and Robert Paca
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Sept. 24th

8 pm

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Arizona classic rock band drummer

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KTVK 3 Clip on Christmas Charity Concert promo
KTVK Channel 3 interviews Element 115
FOX-10 interviews Element 115
Esahak-Gage Benefit clip from KTVK-TV3

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Element 115 Arizona classic rock band
2007 Ultramedia, Phoenix - Jerry Wills, Photographer

Ron Paul

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Phoenix Arizona rock band Element 115

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Element 115 is more than just the most amazing Phoenix rock band since Alice! The periodic table element 115 was released to the public by one Robert Lazar who claims that element 115 is the fuel for interstellar spacecraft. Mr. Lazar, working on craft captured by the US government over a period of 50 years or so, was on a team of engineers whose job it was to disassemble these craft and determine how they function. According to Lazar, element 115 is the only element where the strong nuclear force is detectable with sensors, thus making element 115 a source for gravity amplification. A couple of scientific teams have claimed to have synthesized element 115 here on Earth. One thing is for sure. If element 115 is indeed a source for gravity amplification and direction, it makes element 115 the most significant fuel ever dreamed of for transportation uses. Imagine element 115 driven SUVs. If gravity is no longer an issue, then Moller's skycar just became obsolete. Until then, if you want to see Element 115, the trailblazer of neo-classic rock, you won't have to invade your local government underground research facility, just keep an eye on the Element 115 schedule on this page. Be sure to see the Arizona rock band Element 115 whenever we play near you. Arizona classic rock band Element 115 is among the most unique acts of all time. Great tunes of the past, with technology of the future, makes Element 115 a show unlike any Arizona rock band.
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"Element 115 the Band" 1995 - 2010    "AL" character 2003- 2010