Element 115

Phoenix Rock Band Element 115
Jess - guitar, keyboards, vocals
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Jess on DrumsJess first journeyed into music playing drums at age 5. Then, being more interested in banging something loud with large wooden sticks than actually learning, there wasn't much chance for improvement. The dream of being a rock & roll drummer faded shortly thereafter.

Jess Darin of Element 115A few years later, he got to see the Outfield play live while leaning on the stage monitor (better than the front row). Shortly thereafter, he got his first guitar and began actually learning basic structure and how to play. Still not "driven," he once again put the instruments down.

When Jess turned 14, however, a new era was beginning for him. He developed a thirst to learn as much as possible and to play like the great guitarists that he idolized. After learning piano in home-school, Jess joined Element 115 in a permanent role.

Jess 2007 Roswell UFO FestivalHis first big concert was at the Marquee Theater in Phoenix. With Channel 10 FOX cameras, a 70 foot stage, and lots of kids in the audience, Jess performed like he'd been playing all his life. Only four months later, another big show landed him on the same stage that Alan Parsons and WAR played the following night. It was the 2007 Roswell UFO Festival. Element 115 was the headliner on opening night of the 4-day festival, and Jess got a taste of what it is like to be famous. From radio station interviews, to meeting the leaders in the UFO movement, to getting preferential treatment at IHOP, Jess smiled through the whole event, and it didn't go to his head.

Jess is a natural stage performer, and his guitar battles with Michael can take you back to the '80s. If you know Jess, then that isn't a surprise! His musical influences include White Lion, Winger, Scorpions, and Van Halen, but they don't stop there. He's also a fan of Skillet, and even some rappers.

Jess Jams on GuitarJess at Skye in PhoenixAs Jess continues to develop his skills and work with the band, he looks forward to further records and chances to get out and play good ol' rock & roll!